Monday, December 18, 2006

This one starts out as a shill for a friend's books, but then turns into blatant self promotion

My friend Chris Wisnia has a blog detailing the exciting, roller coaster life of the self-publisher. Ricky Sprague completists (come on, there are a few of you out there) might want to purchase Chris' awesome "giant monster" book (which features an introduction by yours truly), before my own comic hits the stands and becomes a huge hit, and Chris jacks up the price to Mile High levels.

For that matter, all of Chris' stuff is recommended.

By the way, the artwork for my new comic is coming in fast now, and it's so beautiful it will make your soul ache. The artists we've got lined up are fresh and exciting, with some really detailed elaborate stuff. The unbelievable first issue will ship in March, which means there'll be a solicitation soon, and I'll stop being so coy about it.

And the solicitation copy is awesome, too.

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