Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A few notes on my move

This is not the worst move of my life, not even close (that honor belongs to the debacle of June 30-July 1 2005, a truly hellish experience [for someone sheltered like me--it was the worst experience of my life for lots of reasons but I realize that there are people all over the world who have it much much worse than I do] which is a separate story in itself perhaps I'll tell another time, but I do try to move forward without looking back), but today was a fairly trying day.

About three weeks ago CGF (Current Girl Friend) made arrangements to have parking blocked off on our street directly outside our apartment building for tomorrow, creating a 12-hour tow-away zone. So far so good, right? Thinking ahead and all that (again, this is waaay better than what happened in 05-- uh I mean I'm looking FORWARD for crying out loud) but we get back from the storage place this morning and someone who has parked in our spot has had a boot put on his car. So he can't move it, and it's in the spot we've blocked off for the moving van.

So I spent a few hours dealing with the city, getting transferred from one parking enforcement division to another. At one point the woman I spoke to took all my information, including some information about the car that had just been booted, and promised to call me back. When I didn't hear from her, I called back the same number and spoke to someone else who told me no, I didn't have the right department, and I got another number for a department I'd called three hours before, who had referred me to the department I was then on the phone with.

All along I was packing and etc, worried about the booted car that was blocking our spot, and I did think (I couldn't help it), "This is still so much better than June 30-July 1 [and uh July 27 for that matter] 2005 that I can't get too worked up about this. At least we're TRYING, the two of us, to do the move right. There's nothing else we can do."

So after the third try calling the habitual parking violations department to see if the booted car would be removed from the spot in time for our truck to park, I decided to walk downstairs and check the damn car, and lo and behold the boot is gone.

And now it's 11 pm and the car is gone, too.

SO much better than 2005.

Oh and the TiVo was sick for awhile today, causing the tv picture to roll and change to strange colors. I thought it was a problem with the tv, and was prepared to abandon that thing and get a new one on the other side of the move. But eventually my giant brain figured it out and now I have to pack the damn tv.

Monday, July 30, 2007

San Diego Comic Con 2007

It was interesting. I went with my good friend Chris Wisnia, publisher of Tabloia and creator of the Doris Danger comics (which you should pick up if you get a chance) to the bars after hours, and met tons of people there, people you might have heard of, and a bunch of people I promise you probably haven't heard of. Also I met Joe Casey, who wrote the first 6 issues of the Dark Horse comics version of Kiss, so it was pretty interesting to talk to him about his experiences (I told him to watch out for a certain issue of Kiss 4K, since it's a pastiche of what he did with the DH version). (How I met him is a story in itself-- maybe I'll share when I have more time.)

I spent a few hours hanging out with my friend JerAdamy (Jeremy Adams), who'd driven down from LA with a van of eight or nine others. They left at about 7, got to the con around 11, and spent much of their time waiting in line for panels. He said they sat in on the Futurama panel so they'd be assured of a seat in the Joss Whedon panel, which was apparently a good plan, since many were turned away.

Can you imagine? Turned away! The con sold out all four days, first time ever, I guess (and yeah I did see the one-legged woman, she was something else). I can believe it, because it was ca-razy crowded, even upstairs. There were lines for just about every panel.

I didn't get to pitch anything, and didn't expect to, but I did get to meet with people and get information from them - contact, who to send to, etc. Most nights I was out until past two. Saturday night I was out until about 3, from which I'm still recovering. (I had a Kiss 4K meeting Sunday morning at 9:30 [which basically amounted to "tone it down, Sprague, the fifth issue is too much"] so I got not as much sleep as I wanted.)

Sunday I went back into the Con briefly just to say goodbye to few people and who do I see but Adam Black, writer/artist extraordinaire, the tall man (taller than me-- maybe 6'5"?) responsible for the Kiss 4K webcomic, walking around in a daze. Apparently he'd had a busy time the night before. Yeah, me too.

It was astonishing to me how much cache I had by telling people I write the Kiss book. They at least pretended to be impressed.

It was a fun, exciting time, and I'm going back next year. I cannot believe I just wrote that sentence. This is the first year that I'm actually looking forward to going next year. I know, I know.

I wore a shirt that I had made that had the Ochinaut on it, so some people asked me about that. They seemed interested in the movie. And appalled, I guess, but when I explained it to them it usually got some laughs.

Next up for me is Dragon*Con in Atlanta, and then back to LA sometime between Sept 5-16 for a short film festival that Sperm! was accepted into (uh, out of competition, though)!

Right now we are packing for our move to Iowa. Yes, Iowa. Long story. Long trip. Long way from El Lay.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

"Sperm! The Motion Picture" will be screening at LA Shorts Fest

Well, actually it will be screening outside competition. They have this deal where they'll basically screen anything by anyone willing to drop the scratch for the entry fee. Don't have a date or a time yet, but here's the website, which I'm sure will at some point have a schedule.

The venue will be the AMC Burbank Town Center 6 Theaters located at 770 N. First St. Burbank , CA 91502 . Festival dates are September 5-16.


Monday, July 23, 2007

Adventures of the Shorty Robe!

Who is the Shorty Robe? What is his motive? What are his dreams? I don't know. [UPDATE: I removed the link to the webcomics site on which these pages originally appeard- 1/22/08. The comic appears in full at this post.] Not sure why. Not sure how long that will go on.


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Limited Edition "Sperm! The Motion Picture" Dragon*Con variant mini-poster

Isn't it beautiful? I'll be bringing a few of these with me to San Diego next week, and, of course, to Atlanta Labor Day weekend. Feel free to print up copies yourself and post them around your favorite coffeehouse or school playground.

Seriously, if I had any real artistic skill, I would be extremely dangerous.

Saturday, July 14, 2007


Can be found in its entirety right here. I put it up on Drunk Duck, just to test it out. Here's page one to get you interested. [UPDATE 1/22/08: I removed this comic from the webcomics host site on which I originally posted it. It's posted here in its entirety.]

Friday, July 13, 2007

"Sperm! The Motion Picture" will be screening at Dragon*Con Labor Day weekend!

Dragon*Con is the site of the world premiere of my directorial debut, "Sperm! The Motion Picture". Thank you, Dragon*Con!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Some mentioning of the Kiss 4K on an Italian website

It is fun to be talked about in another language. And even more fun to read the translation of said talking about.

The latest of Ricky Sprague's Insti-Comics

In which quickly and without thinking I draw a cartoon about an article I've read online. Today the article is this one here-check out the last three paragraphs in particular, about John McCain's ongoing campaign troubles (by the way, isn't it kind of fascinating to watch his campaign fall apart the way it is?).

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

"Ricky Sprague's Insti-Comics, Inspired by Actual News Stories," the first of a (hopefully) series:

It's based on this story here.

Regarding "Insti-Comics": They are comics that are created instantly, without thinking, from my subconscious mind. I believe that only by doing something instantly can it be done quickly. And if it can be done quickly then that means that it was done by connecting to the unconscious. This is the modest goal of the Insti-Comic.