Monday, July 30, 2007

San Diego Comic Con 2007

It was interesting. I went with my good friend Chris Wisnia, publisher of Tabloia and creator of the Doris Danger comics (which you should pick up if you get a chance) to the bars after hours, and met tons of people there, people you might have heard of, and a bunch of people I promise you probably haven't heard of. Also I met Joe Casey, who wrote the first 6 issues of the Dark Horse comics version of Kiss, so it was pretty interesting to talk to him about his experiences (I told him to watch out for a certain issue of Kiss 4K, since it's a pastiche of what he did with the DH version). (How I met him is a story in itself-- maybe I'll share when I have more time.)

I spent a few hours hanging out with my friend JerAdamy (Jeremy Adams), who'd driven down from LA with a van of eight or nine others. They left at about 7, got to the con around 11, and spent much of their time waiting in line for panels. He said they sat in on the Futurama panel so they'd be assured of a seat in the Joss Whedon panel, which was apparently a good plan, since many were turned away.

Can you imagine? Turned away! The con sold out all four days, first time ever, I guess (and yeah I did see the one-legged woman, she was something else). I can believe it, because it was ca-razy crowded, even upstairs. There were lines for just about every panel.

I didn't get to pitch anything, and didn't expect to, but I did get to meet with people and get information from them - contact, who to send to, etc. Most nights I was out until past two. Saturday night I was out until about 3, from which I'm still recovering. (I had a Kiss 4K meeting Sunday morning at 9:30 [which basically amounted to "tone it down, Sprague, the fifth issue is too much"] so I got not as much sleep as I wanted.)

Sunday I went back into the Con briefly just to say goodbye to few people and who do I see but Adam Black, writer/artist extraordinaire, the tall man (taller than me-- maybe 6'5"?) responsible for the Kiss 4K webcomic, walking around in a daze. Apparently he'd had a busy time the night before. Yeah, me too.

It was astonishing to me how much cache I had by telling people I write the Kiss book. They at least pretended to be impressed.

It was a fun, exciting time, and I'm going back next year. I cannot believe I just wrote that sentence. This is the first year that I'm actually looking forward to going next year. I know, I know.

I wore a shirt that I had made that had the Ochinaut on it, so some people asked me about that. They seemed interested in the movie. And appalled, I guess, but when I explained it to them it usually got some laughs.

Next up for me is Dragon*Con in Atlanta, and then back to LA sometime between Sept 5-16 for a short film festival that Sperm! was accepted into (uh, out of competition, though)!

Right now we are packing for our move to Iowa. Yes, Iowa. Long story. Long trip. Long way from El Lay.

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Adam Black said...

You're an inch off: I'm 6'6". :)