Friday, August 24, 2007

My Kiss 4K-related interview

I just had an interview with Hard Rock Magazine France, regarding Kiss 4K, which begins publishing in France, Belgium, and a few other European countries beginning in Jan 2008. It was a surreal experience, since I was recently shitcanned by Platinum, and still I had to talk about the comic, the storyline I came up with and now no longer in even the smallest terms control, what I was trying to do, etc. So I don't know how much I told my interviewer, Sven (cool guy, actually) about the first 12 issue story arc will be valid and for how much longer. I'm out of the loop now. (I've been out of the loop since roughly April of this year.) Anyway, I was exceedingly gracious about the whole thing. My dream job would be to write comics in Europe, so I hope the project does well there, at least while my name is attached to it. (Winking emoticon)

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I don't think it is funny to joke about child murdering.