Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A Peripheral Glimpse into the world of "Fine Art" with my friend Jeff Porterfield

Or JayPee, as he is more easily referred to.

Jay Pee is in the capital-A Fine Art world (actually, I think it's pronounced "Aht") out in NYC, and has been part of a couple of shows earlier this year. He does some very fine mind-bending sculptures, paintings, music, etc, but you don't need to take my biased word for it, he got a pretty nice write-up here.

He's now working on some kind of mysterious, slightly troubling-sounding bit of performance art (the best kind of performance art) about which he ain't giving away too much, but he did post on his own blog (which is so top secret it's hidden behind a password so I won't bother linking it here) an intriguing photo of himself doing... something, and which I swiped from his page and now present here:

This pic is quintessential Jay Pee, if you know him you understand (probably). I'll take it down when you tell me to, Jeff.

He's now prepping something for a (possible) show in well somewhere in Europe, one of the major cities you've probably heard of. Our loss is Europe's gain, but I predict more and bigger things from Jeff Porterfield in the future.

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