Monday, August 13, 2007

Something Funny About The 2008 San Diego Comic Con

Yes, I said 2008.

I stayed in a certain hotel this year, and it was a beautiful experience. So much so that I wanted to repeat it next year, and so yesterday I attempted to book a room in that same hotel for next year, late July 2008.

That certain hotel is booked. No rooms available. I called to make sure. The kind if somewhat surprised and confused woman I spoke to in the reservations department ("You're doing everything right, trying to book ahead like this, I just can't believe we have NO ROOMS available for those dates") told me to keep checking periodically, because rooms open up every now and then.

Can you freaking believe this? I try to book a room ELEVEN months ahead, and said hotel (which is one of the BIG ones, not one of those rinky dinks) is booked solid? This is not to say that there are no rooms available near the convention center at this time; I actually booked another room at another hotel which looks nice enough, but it just seems insane to me that my first choice hotel is booked now.

I guess we should expect 2008 to be even bigger, right? Hooray!

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