Friday, August 17, 2007

TWO versions of "Sperm! The Motion Picture" to Screen at Dragon*Con


Gosh bless Dragon*Con! They'll be screening the "festival cut" (which is for the most part all-ages appropriate ;)) on Saturday night Sept 1st at 10 PM as part of their "Twisted Tales" programming block, and then they'll be screening the completely filthy "director's cut" as part of their oddly-named "Inappropriate Films" programming block on Sunday night/Monday Sept 3rd morning at 1:30 AM.

What can I say? Dragon*Con really seems to understand the film. Or, maybe they don't. It's one or the other, I guess. Regardless, I never thought the "Director's Cut," which is just slightly over 11 minutes long, would ever screen anywhere other than the homes of friends. It's going to be really interesting to see how an audience with no particular ax to grind, who has no idea who I or Chris Gortz or Mark Howell or Tina Louise or Diane Rose or Jon Ripper are react to the two versions.

There's one scene in particular, left out of the Festival Cut, in which the King Sperm has a soliliquy (Howell said it was "Very Shakespearean" when we were recording the dialogue) about the changing times and the refusal of the younger generation to accept ejaculation as a way of life, that I'm interested in seeing reaction to. I know a couple of people who've seen the film who say it's their favorite scene. I know a couple of others who dislike it intensely (don't say "hate"). Who's right? Who's wrong? I guess we'll discover the definitive answer Labor Day weekend.

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