Saturday, September 15, 2007

More About Dragon*Con

The next day our screening didn't start until 1:30 am, so Gortz and I hung out at my cousin's place until about 7 or so, watching the Atlanta On Demand cable channel. Atlanta has the best On Demand I've ever seen. They have an entire station devoted to Something Weird, with old exploitation movie trailers, old erotica with Bettie Page, old surreal cartoons, and old instructional videos for school kids. The VD film was narrated by the guy who did the voice for Batman in the Superfriends cartoon show. (I think it was him, I would bet money on it.) They also had some channels with content provided by Ziddio, which is created by users. One of the films, called "Orgy of the Damned," was funny and weird and looked like it had been made by a group of drunken frat boys, but it looks like they ran out of film, because it really didn't have an ending.

We hit one of the film programs at around 8 oclcock, with an Apocolypse theme, because we wanted to check out the film by Roberto Bentivegna. The movie, called The Last Man in Brooklyn was really good (by the way, how amazing is it that I can link to the actual film itself, and you can watch it there on your computer? this is an amazing world), it had a gritty feel to it, and it was brief and told a coherent, funny, and oddly touching story. I recommend it, as I recommend watching his other film, Rest Stop for the Rare Individual. This guy is going places.

After the program we hung out with Roberto and his star, Bill Weeden, and chatted about the festival. They said some complimentary things about "Sperm!", which was nice to hear, since their own work had impressed me so much. We all had pretty similar opinions about the films we'd seen.

The four of us ran over to the Hyatt (we'd been in the Hilton, I think) to catch the new Troma film, Poultrygeist. There was a lot of spewing, and a lot of slamming of big corporations and fast food (and meat eating). And lesbian frolic, which was my favortie part. The crowd was definitely into it.

Then Gortz and I had to get back to the Learning Center for the second and final screening of "Sperm!", this time the long version. The long version is about 11 minutes, and while I think it's fine for sitting at home and watching on your tv, it was too much for a crowd at 1:45 am. In fairness to us, the sound wasn't that great, so the audience might have been keeping quiet so that they could hear what was going on. That's what Gortz said, anyway, because he pointed out to me that the people around us were laughing through the whole thing, they were just laughing quietly. I don't know, I was half asleep anyway by that time. I'm usually in bed by 10 pm.

Gortz makes the scene after the screening.

We made it back to my cousin's place by about 4 am, and slept until 11 or so, because we had to get up and go to the Awards Ceremony, to watch everyone other than us collect something. We'd been nominated for Most Insanely Brillaint song (or something like that) for "Smallinator (The Love Theme From 'Sperm! The Motion Picture')", but we didn't win. Not only did we not win, but that award was given out at another ceremony earlier that morning, so we missed our losing the only award we'd been nominated for. Given my mood, lack of sleep, and penchant for saying whatever comes into my head at the exact moment it comes into my head, maybe that was a good thing.

After solidifying our standing as losers, we met up with my buddy Chris Wisnia, who was going to be on a panel, the subject of which was working in comics outside of Marvel and DC. I would work for either of those companies. Before the panel, the great Peter Bagge, who was on the panel and knows Chris W, stopped over to say hi, and I embarrassed myself by telling him what a fan I was of his stuff, particularly in reason magazine.

The panel was interesting, but I think that everyone up there missed the point, or was afraid to make the point, about what is really killing the comic book industry. And really, why bring it up, since it can kill your career to piss certain people off?

Anyway, the important thing is that Chris W looked really good, and if you want proof of that, just check out this picture taken with my camera by Gortz:

I think I have a bit of a crush on him, and with that look how could I not?

The full panel, sorry the only people whose names I remember are Chris W and Peter Bagge, who is seated to Chris W's left. The others were all good people. The guy on the far right side of the picture made what I thought was an insightful comment about bit torrenting being a good promotional tool. Like I said, can't remember his name.

Later that night I dropped Gortz off at the airport and went back to my cousin's place. He put me to work unloading the U-Haul they'd driven back from Indiana (they're in the process of moving). It was refreshing to put in a couple of solid hours of manual labor after staying up until all hours going to screenings and being a general jackass.

Next morning I hit the road for an eventful drive home that I will hopefully write about at some point in the future. Sneak preview: I almost passed out in Illinois. No kidding.

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