Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Two new Ricky Sprague publications are out now!

The latest "Mad Classics" features a reprint of ARGUABLY the best article I ever wrote for them, something about the philosophy behind Maxim magazine being applied to other publications. It originally appeared in their 50th anniversary issue back in I can't remember (October 2003?) and got mentioned in a couple of articles in Time Out New York and the Washington Post (I think, I can't remember, but I have photocopies of the articles, somewhere). Anyway, it's pretty funny.

Kiss 4K issue #3 just came out last Wednesday, and I think it's the best issue yet. It's funny, weird, and demented as hell.

Kev Crossley and Dan Campos did their usual bang-up job on the interior arts, while Rudolfo Migliari rocked the cover.

I picked up these items at Dragon*Con in Atlanta, Georgia, where I attended the screenings of my film, which I will write about at some point in the near future.

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