Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Iowa State Fair is Apparently a Hotbed of Inappropriate Activity

I'm kind of sorry that I missed this state fair.

I like this bit: "Pilchen said he and KGGO radio personality Brian James knew their idea was "something completely sexist and completely inappropriate," so they offer prizes to make it worth the women's time and potential embarrassment." Then the punchline is three paragraphs down: the winner recieved Alice Cooper tickets.

But the best part is: "It also offered a "White Trash Scavenger Hunt," where contestants had to find and photograph fairgoers with a mullet haircut, a fanny pack, missing teeth, visible thong underwear or a lower-back tattoo it called a "tramp stamp."" I've never heard the term "tramp stamp" before, but I'm going to start using it.

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