Wednesday, October 3, 2007

My buddy Chris Painter inspired some McDonald's toys

My buddy Chris Painter, who is currently employed as a Story Editor on the new Tom and Jerry television program (aside-- check out the Wikipedia entry on the T&J movie that Chris wrote,Shiver Me Whiskers), was most recently Story Editor of the late, much lamented Squirrel Boy on Cartoon Network. All we have left of that show now are reruns, sweet memories, and these toys which are available now from McDonald's, which is a fast food restaurant chain.

These are sure to become hot collectibles, which is why I have not taken mine out of their original packing. One need only look at the eBay search results for Mego super hero toys to see the difference in value for toys that have been removed from the original packaging and played with, versus those toys still in their original containers. $350 for The Falcon??? Only if it's still in the box, my friend.

It was tough getting these things in my new hometown. The first McDonald's I hit had no idea what I was talking about when I asked to buy them. When the people behind the counter assured me that all they had was a toy from Camp Lazlo (warning on that link: an obnoxious song starts as soon as the website opens), I politely said "Thank you" and walked out. On my way to the door I heard the woman say to the man, "Is that all he came in for?" She couldn't believe that I could pass up a Quarter Pounder, but I showed remarkable restraint. Second one I went to, the woman behind the counter also had no idea of what I was talking about, but she actually dug through the basket with the toys in it until she located both Rodney and Leon, earning both my respect and the $3.78 that it cost for both items (I'm going to try to write it off my income tax).

In spite of the dog's sad mewling, I refuse to remove the Toupie Leon et Rodney Le Dingue jouets from their original packaging. The dog has been depressed for days.

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