Monday, December 31, 2007

The 10 Best Films of 2007

There were many films released this year, from "Spiderman 3" to "Shrek 3," and everything in between ("Pirates of the Caribbean 3"). But only 10 films could make my prestigious list of the 10 best films of the year, as chosen by me, Ricky Sprague. I wish you would read the list to see what I thought didn't waste my time this year, which was an exceptional one for film. Here is the list:

#10: "The Painful End of the Office Romance" In this short film, director Ricky Sprague manages to convey all of the mind-numbing fear and pain associated with pursuing a romantic liaison in the context of a work setting. The brilliance of this film is hard to deny; just ask the hundreds of people who have already viewed it, and been surprised by what they saw. This one gets my stamp of approval.

#8: "Dr BJ Episode 2" In this second helping of the Dr BJ saga, we learn a little more about the personality of this abrasive, some might say acerbic, yet brilliant doctor. He can only rely on himself, his own biggest fan, as graphically depicted in this moving yet humorous film from director Ricky Sprague.

#7: "Bed Shittin' Rich" Director Ricky Sprague collaborates for the first time with musician Jeff Porterfield (who provided the music) for this compelling and masterful psychological study of one man whose idea of success is both disturbing and hilarious. Deeply moving, and highly recommended.

#5: "Dr BJ Episode 3: The Trial" And just why is Dr BJ, that acerbic genius, so damned acerbic? Well, this short film compelling answers that question, and shows that Dr BJ is more than just an acerbic genius; he is also a complicated character with deep emotions. Another winner from director Ricky Sprague.

#4: "Dr BJ" The first part of the "Dr BJ Trilogy" (assuming no other films are made), this was an acerbic blast of fresh air that has taken the world by storm, having been viewed by tens of thousands of people, arguably more people than watched "Viva Laughlin" on CBS. Regardless, director Ricky Sprague hits all the high notes in this careful examination of just how far a patient will go to save his life. Tough questions in a year in which health care is foremost in the minds of voters. I don't want to say this film will help decide who wins the presidency next year, but I will say that voters who don't consider this compelling film before entering the voting booth are idiots.

#3: "Nookie Man 14,000" Director Ricky Sprague shows off his subtle side, in a film whose humor is so subtle, most people don't recognize it as such. When one man is chosen to represent earth in an intergalactic sex competition, all of humanity's foibles are exposed. The twist at the end makes an already uncomfortable scenario about ten times worse, because you recognize yourself therein.

#2: "Joyeux du Oignon et Noel" Who hasn't walked in on their parents during an "intimate" moment? Director Ricky Sprague takes that scenario and turns it on its head, adding a special "Christmas" twist to the proceedings, in a cynical attempt to cash in on that ridiculous holiday. It worked brilliantly, at least from a creative standpoint.

#1: "Sperm! The Motion Picture" Ricky Sprague and co scenarist Chris Gortz lovingly craft a compelling science fictional study of one man's search for the elusive male orgasm. What happens when a man who cannot ejaculate is shrunk to microscopic size and injected into his own testicle? By setting the story in the year of America's bicentennial, a political/imperial/social element is added, and the film takes on even greater significance. The award-nominated song "Smallinator (The Love Theme From 'Sperm! The Motion Picture')" also exists, and pushes this film to the top spot in this prestigious list.

A fantastic year for film. One can only hope 2008 is better.

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I think the rampant self-promotion might be even more endearing than the crazed "Hollywood insider" posts. Hard to say, though.