Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Here's some big news! Mike "F*ckabee" Huckabee, "Baptist satyr" winner of last week's all-important Iowa "caucus," and John McCain, "maverick" winner of tonight's all-important New Hampshire "primary," have been carrying on a secretive physical relationship for several years! As this highly dubious photo depicts, the two love to get cuddly with a loving embrace just before "doing the deed" (having physical relations)! My sources tell me that while neither man considers the other to be gay, they do consider themselves to be the closest "butt buddies," and tingle at the slightest touch (I'm told they've been known to play footsie with each other during some of the "forums" they've participated in with other candidates-- Mitt Romney, in particular, lodged a formal complaint with Republican operatives at Fox News over their allegedly amorous behavior during the forum that was held last Sunday night-- but then again, perhaps Mitt's jealous that he wasn't asked to "catch" for them, as I'm told Rudy G was!)!

Each has vowed to the other that, should one get their party's nomination, the other will be selected as his "running mate," which should make for some interesting campaign trips! (And by the way: Where is Chuck Norris in all this??? Just asking!)

So let's raise a toast to the future co-presidents: McCainabee!

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