Sunday, February 24, 2008


You think Mike "F*ckabee" Huckabee is down? You think he's not going to get the Republican nomination for President? Well, if this dubious artist's interpretation is to be believed, then you are capital-double-you Wrong my friend, whoever you are! My sources are telling me that the hillbilly satyr has spent an evening of unbridled passion with the creator of all things, God! Apparently, after getting a drunk call from the man upstairs, F*ckabee dropped everything and ascended to heaven where he was greeted by "Big G" himself, in a flimsy shorty robe! The two talked politics, then sports, then one thing led to another. Now you know why John McCain's having so much trouble locking up the nomination, and you know the meaning behind F*ckabee's cryptic statement about not majoring in math!

This is a big one for F*ckabee, so I've gone to the trouble to create a cute celebrity hook-up nickname for the happy couple, and of course it's gotta be "Godabee"!

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