Thursday, February 28, 2008

John McCain's comment of the Day: The Importance of American Blood

According to this article, John McCain claims that

"America's most precious asset... is American blood."


"American blood is the best blood in the world. It's significantly better than French blood, for instance, which is notorious for surrendering to- well, I don't have the names of these diseases right in front of me, but French blood surrenders to various types of blood diseases. There's a danger of American blood being overrun by Mexican blood, but a virtual transfusion should take care of that. And don't get me started on Middle Eastern blood, which is the blood that is most insidious in these dark, coagulous times. There is no need for Americans to be ashamed of their blood. My candidacy is all about American blood, about the pride of beautiful, viscous American blood, which not only red, but red, white, and blue, especially among those of a certain age, such as myself. Speaking of which, I am a maverick. You won't hear any other candidate speaking about blood in such a frank and honest manner. I'm sure I'll lose a few votes over this, but I have to be honest, and be myself. I love American blood!"

Here is a man with a healthy attitude regarding our precious national bodily fluids.

1 comment:

owen said...

i feel like a roman when he talks.

it's nauseating.