Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Paula Abdul Quote of the Day:

Said at some point during the "American Idol" program last night, in reference to contestant David Archuleta:

"You are so cute. So delicious. Your skin is firm and smooth, and delicious. I want to take bites out of you, little nibbles on your tasty skin. It's so, so delicious to nibble your skin. I want to bite you into pieces! You're so sweet and delicious that I want to bite you into pieces and use the pieces to sop up gravy on my plate. Delicious gravy. Mm, mm, yummy! Yummy delicious little boy! Little boy pieces! I want to chop you up and eat your yummiest pieces, then put the remaining pieces, the so-called 'sweetbreads,' in the trunk of my car. I want to drive around all day, digesting your best, sweetest parts in my stomach and intestines, while in the trunk of my car your liver and kidneys and brain simmer slowly. By the end of my journey, I will be satisfied! Yummy! I will feed your remaining pieces to my loyal and adorable dogs!"

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