Sunday, February 24, 2008

Political Quote of the Day:

Harold Ickes, who has something to do with Hillary Clinton's campaign, made the following statement in an interview on This Week:

"There's been a lot of confusion regarding the so-called 'superdelegates' in the Democratic party. People have been saying that Hillary (Clinton)'s campaign says it's going to go after the superdelegates. That's just factually untrue. What we've said, what the campaign has been saying from the beginning, and you can go all the way back to December we've been saying this, that in order to go after Barack Obama and his campaign, we would have to be super delicate. Frankly, we've all been scratching our heads over this whole "superdelegate" business. We've said we need to be super delicate when we go after Obama, you know, because he's black. That's all we were saying, and all we've been saying. There was nothing sinister to it at all."

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