Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Most SHOCKING Planned Parenthood Abortion Phone Transcript of All!

The Advocate is a UCLA based "Pro Life" publication released by a group called "Live Action." They've recently made national news by publishing transcripts of tape recorded conversations with Planned Parenthood volunteers, in which they "pretended" to be racists, and claimed they wanted their donations to be used specifically to abort the fetuses of minority children. All really fantastic stuff, obviously, but they never published the most shocking transcript of all. Luckily, I allegedly have it right here, and it shows beyond a doubt just how rotten Planned Parenthood really is:

Iowa Representative, Summer Louvin, Planned Parenthood Office Temp

Caller: Hello, my name is Joseph.

PP Representative: Hello, Joseph.

Caller: I have a problem and I need help with my problem.

PP Rep: I'd be happy to help if I could

Caller: My wife is pregnant, and I don't think she should be pregnant.

PP Rep: I see. How does she feel about it?

Caller: Well, she says that she's never had sex with anyone, so she don't know how she got pregnant.

PP Rep: She says she's never had sex, but she's pregnant?

Caller: She says she's still a virgin. Her name is Mary.

PP Rep: Okay.

Caller: And she says that it was the Lord God who made her pregnant.

PP Rep: Your wife claims that God made her pregnant? Has she had any emotional problems?

Caller: You think that someone who claims to be a virgin and was made pregnant by the Lord God has emotional problems?

PP Rep: I'm just asking. Could you put her on?

Caller: Sure. Hold on. (unintelligible)

Caller with higher voice: Hello. This is the Virgin Mary.

PP Rep: That man I was talking to just now, is he your husband?

Caller with higher voice: Yes. He is my husband Joseph. We are looking for a place to stay for the night, for I am pregnant, and want to abort my baby.

PP Rep: Why don't you come into our office and we can speak to you about your options?

Caller with higher voice: You mean you want me to come into your office so that you can talk me into aborting my baby, who is the son of God?

PP Rep: Um.

Caller with higher voice: Isn't that what you want? For me to abort my baby, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ?

PP Rep: I want you to do what you want to do, ma'am.

This transcript is proof positive that there are a bunch of crazy people out there!

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