Friday, April 4, 2008

EXCLUSIVE! Heidi Montag's New McCain Tattoo!

"The Hills" "star" Heidi Montag isn't just endorsing Republican John McCain for President- she's gotten his face tattooed on her stomach! As you can see from this incredible photo, Heidi is an extremely dedicated McCain supporter!

And her dedication doesn't end there, as the photo was actually taken during the shoot for her new music video, which is all about McCain! The song, called "McCain Train", was written by Heidi and her boyfriend, Spencer Pratt! (Sample lyric: "Ride that McCain train/McCain train/McCain train/La la la la/Ride McCain train hard/All over the yard/McCain train/McCain train"!)

My sources tell me that over all Spencer is very supportive of Heidi's new look, but notes that they now do it doggy style much more often.

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