Thursday, April 17, 2008

For Senior, Diarrhea a Medium for Art, Political Discourse

Art major Alicia Sfarts wants to make a statement.

Starting next Tuesday, Sfarts will be displaying her senior art project, a documentation of her nine months of self-induced diarrhea. Her exhibition will feature video and sound recordings of her diarrhea, as well as preserved stool and other “diarrhetical matter.”

The goal of the exhibition, according to the artist, was to create a “diarrhea dialog,” on the relationship between art and feces. But her project has already provoked more than just a dialog, including an outcry from other art majors, as well as students from the school of gastroenterology.

But Sfarts insists her project was not meant to “shock.”

“I’m sure that some narrow-minded people just won’t ‘get it,’" she said, "but I didn’t do it to be scandalous. I wanted to draw attention to a very serious problem.”

The art exhibit will feature a toilet suspended from the ceiling of a room in the gallery of Dookie Hall. A hose will then be attached to the bottom of the toilet, which will carry the feces up into the toilet. From out of the center of the toilet will bubble her diarrhea, which she has mixed with all-natural organic palm oil, which acts as a preservative. “I’ve collected about 400 gallons of it,” she said. “So it will bubble and drop down on the spectators below for the length of the exhibition.”

Art major Juan Craptillo said he was captivated by the beauty of the exhibition, but said that many others didn’t share his enthusiasm. “Most people are very closed-minded when it comes to new things. They don’t want to think about what an exhibit like this really about.”

When asked what the exhibit was “really about,” Craptillo replied, “You know. Poopy!” Then his face got really red and he giggled.

A student who wished to remain nameless stated that she thought the exhibit was just a shameless and ludicrous publicity stunt. She went on to add that millions of people die from diarrhea-related dehydration every year, although none of them are spoiled brats who have grown up with every privilege, never been in any real danger or suffered any meaningful threats to their health or safety, never had to make any real decisions or do any real work, looking to make a name for themselves by creating "challenging" "art" “projects” that are nothing more than shit.

Inspired by this silly story of a Yale Art student supposedly inducing miscarriages as part of an art project which can be found here. Is it a hoax? It's still silly.

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