Sunday, May 11, 2008


Who is Wangbone the Barbarian? What is Upper World University? These questions and many others will be answered when the exciting new film "Wangbone The Barbarian" opens this week! It is the biggest, most amazing film of the summer, and it is sure to have everyone saying "I love Wangbone!"

From the Nubility Chronicles:

"O hearken, verily, of an age after the days when the Old Ones did crush the dirt of Abyssmalnia beneath mysterious feet, but before that era when men first did venture to the farthest reaches of The Welkin, there was a neverwhen unimaginable. When sorcery, magic, and magick fought 'gainst sword and sinew. When Upper World did keep separate from Lower World. And into this mysterious Upper World there rose an institution of higher learning known for its fantastic athletic programs, and its pillaging. The Big Man on Campus was called Wangbone, destined to earn a scholarship in reaving, to be dumped by his girlfriend, and to inadvertently cause an all-out war to develop betwixt Lower and Upper World!"

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