Sunday, June 1, 2008

My Exclusive "Sex in the City" Movie Review

Everyone I know has been waiting excitedly for the most amazing movie premiere of the year, of course I am talking about "Sex in the City"! It is an amazing film about real-life privileged women who get to decide which men to have sex with, and which pair of shoes to wear while they do it. Also, they get to decide which purse to wear with their fabulous (or, if you will, "fab") dresses.

The movie takes place three years after the end of the series, and if you don't know what happened in the series then you suck. There are a lot of laughs, and a lot of tears, and some big surprises (one of the women gets leprosy, but you'll never find out from me which one! Okay, it's Samantha!). Of course the main character of the film is Charlotte, played by the lovely Kristin Davis, and she is luminous! The story is about how this sweet and funny character and some man that she lives with or something have this Chinese child that they adopted, and a bunch of really funny stuff happens in the movie, because you can't talk about sex (their favorite subject) when there is a Chinese child in the room with you. I loved watching Kristin Davis on the big screen!

"Sex in the City" fun facts:

Kristin Davis is the prettiest movie star ever!

Kristin Davis' smile lights up not only whatever room she is in, but also the entire state she happens to be in!
It's actually kind of a problem, because of global warming :(

Kristin Davis would never make a sex tape; she's too classy for that!

Kristin Davis would make me the happiest blogger in the world if only she would remove the restraining order and respond to my repeated calls and emails!

In short, I believe that "Sex in the City" is the movie to beat this summer!

"Sex in the City" star Kristin Davis looks luminous, as usual, at the premiere event for the film. Pictured with her are her costars, sickly and sallow Cynthia Nixon, tanning bed addict Sarah Jessica Parker, and bronzer goddess Kim Cattrall. It's a testament to Kristin Davis' generosity that she agrees to be seen anywhere with those other women, who don't seem to even know how to take care of themselves!

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