Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Selling Votes on eBay

Why is it a crime to sell your vote? If it's YOUR vote, then you should be able to do with it what you want. If I choose to throw it away on McCain or Obama, or to vote for someone like McKinney or Barr, or better yet, to not vote at all, that's my business. The government can't force me to vote. I'm not voting anyway, so why not sell my vote to someone in a state like California, which is already safely Obama's?

In Iowa they have caucuses, where people trade votes all the time. It's built into the system. If a candidate doesn't reach a certain threshold (I think it's 15%), then they get nothing, and voters for said candidate are bribed and cajoled into throwing in with another candidate. That is representative democracy.

And, how is this any different from vote pairing? What about sex pledges? (Selling sex is illegal, so sex-for-votes scams should be, like, doubly illegal.)

Anyway, back to the story: How much is the state of Minnesota wasting in prosecuting this kid?

Then there's this sanctimonious humbug, from some gasbag in the Minnesota secretary of state's office:

"We take it very seriously. Fundamentally, we believe it is wrong to sell your vote," said John Aiken, a spokesman for the office. "There are people that have died for this country for our right to vote, and to take something that lightly, to say, 'I can be bought.'

"It's a real shame," he said. "I can imagine the conversations being held in American Legion Clubs and VFWs about whether this is a joke or not."

Is he saying that the people who died "for our right to vote" are having conversations in American Legion Clubs and VFWs? I'm sure that if you asked soldiers both living and dead if they appreciate every right they fought to defend, they'd probably come up with one or two that they don't like. But they fought for them anyway.

They fought for our FREEDOM, which should include the right to vote (if there's someone worth voting for), to not vote (if there's not someone worth voting for), or to sell your vote (if there's someone who wants to pay you for it).

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