Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Unusual Victorian poem about Ejaculation

For whatever reason, my erotic enema poem is one of the two or three most-visited entries on this blog. I think it has something to do with people's interest in erotic enemas. But there's also an interest in the author of that work, the obscure poet, Joel S. Muttoe. I know this because I've been getting requests for more examples of his poetics.

Thanks to Muttoe's almost total obscurity, and his disquieting lack of skill, I am one of the very few people to own any examples of his work. For this reason, as a public service, I am posting a scan of another of his romantic poems, this one relating to male ejaculate ("silt," as it was sometimes referred to in Victorian times), and probably just as good as his erotic enema poem, "Flood of Love," linked above. It was taken from an anthology called "Odes 'Pon a Damp'ning Shaft: The Erotic Poetics of the Penis," which was edited by the great educator and editor Dr. MacAdam Playfaire. It features a number of poems, each more questionable than the last. I believe it is, sadly, no longer in print. A search of eBay found one copy for $1,234.21.