Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Chinese Olympics Opening Ceremony Takes a Page From the Mayberry Choir

According to this article in the New York Times, the cute little girl who sang the commie propoganda song "Communist Domination Will Destroy the West, Destroy the West" (rough translation, I might be wrong about that to be honest) wasn't singing at all.

Under pressure from the highest levels of the ruling Communist Party to find the perfect face and voice, the ceremonies’ production team concluded that the best solution was to use two girls instead of one.

The best, most sinister part of the story is that

it is unclear if Miaoke even knew

This is surprising and scary, but fans of "The Andy Griffith Show," arguably the greatest television show of the cold war era, shouldn't be surprised, because in the episode titled "Barney and the Choir," Andy tricked Barney into believing that the microphone he was using was so sensative that it would pick up Barney's voice if he just moved his lips. Another singer stood backstage and sang into a live microphone, and it was his voice that the audience heard. Of course Andy does this to spare Barney's feelings.

Can you say less of the leaders of China's Olympic committee? Who are you to judge? Thanks to this heartless New York Times article, a little girl has been humiliated.

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