Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Congratulations to Ricky's Cat for Hitting an Astonishing 10,000 Views on YouTube!

In only about a month, my most monstrous and despicable short video ever, "Ricky's Cat," has garnered an astonishing 10,000 views on YouTube, mostly from- well, the breakdown is below:

Total views and where they from.

Discovery. How do they find my cat?

Well, they find my cat through Simon's Cat, which is appropriate, since "Ricky's Cat" was intended as a parody of that fine series of videos.

It's mostly women and girls who don't like "Ricky's Cat" (which is at one star after about 80 ratings- they expected more "Simon's Cat," I guess).

But clearly there's plenty of men who don't like "Ricky's Cat," either.

Here's the video. Congratulations to me!

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