Saturday, August 23, 2008

Exclusive! Obama campaign reveals new Biden and Obama ad campaign poster

This is big! I've just been given exclusive access to the new Barack Obama/Joseph Biden poster, which reveals the campaign slogan that the Obama/Biden people are hoping to use! My source within the campaign tells me that the slogan, "Get Some B.O.," was decided on after a 72 hour brainstorming session! They claim it was the absolute best idea that anyone came up with! Everyone loved it because "B.O." is the initials for "Biden" and "Obama," and also happen to be "Barack Obama's" initials! The campaign is calling it a win-win!

"When people think of Biden and Obama," my source continued, "we really want them to just think 'B.O.'"

Well, readers? What do YOU think? Are you planning on getting yourself a little B.O. this November?

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