Thursday, August 28, 2008

John McCain's Vice Presidential Pick is--

--Hillary Clinton!

The McCain campaign has been looking for a game-changer for weeks, as all signs point to Obama winning the general election. And now "maverick" John McCain thinks he's found that game-changer: selecting Democrat Hillary Clinton as his running mate!

My sources tell me that Mrs Clinton, who received 18 million votes in the Democratic primary, is the perfect compliment to McCain. "She got over 18 million votes, and Obama just cast her aside like a used kleenex. Well, if Obama doesn't want those votes, McCain sure as hell does!"

Although the two have already campaigned together via a new campaign ad, the official announcement of McCain's selection was supposed to come later today. However, Mrs Clinton wanted to wait until after the Democratic convention was over, out of deference to Senator Obama. "He's going to shit a brick when he finds out about this," my source quoted her as saying. "Let's let him have one more night of thinking he actually has a chance to win."

Don't forget you heard it here first!

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