Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hairy Itch Is the Affliction of Those Areas With Hair! Here Is How You Can Help!

Hairy Itch Overview
“Hairy Itch,” also known by it scientific name of hirsutis horribilis, is an affliction of persons. When itches afflict the hairiest parts of the skin, this is called “Hairy Itch.” Such areas include:

scalp (most common)
chin (less so)
chest (becoming less so)
back (gross)
(gender specific)
vagina (gender specific)
perineum (unintentional)
legs (weekdays)
feet- tops of feet (gender specific)
feet- soles of feet (gender specific)

Causes of Hairy Itch
Some of the known causes of Hairy Itch include skin irritation and injury, although more serious causes can also occur. Sometimes Hairy Itch can be caused by the feeling of déjà vu, or of being watched by supernatural forces.

Treatment of Hairy Itch
Rubbing upon the afflicted area a soothing poultice is typically all that is required. Ingredients for the poultice include ground up rocks from the Dalai Lama’s driveway, and the urine of an uncooked animal.

Some Famous People With Hairy Itch
Some famous people have had hairy itch, the itching of those areas that are hairy. The famous people were able to lead normal, some might even say extraordinary lives, in spite of their affliction, and they include:

Stopping Hairy Itch Today!
Please contact me for more information on what you can do to use my Hairy Itch stopping formula. Have a major credit card ready when you do so (I accept PayPal).

About the Author
Although not a licensed clinician, Ricky Sprague does have several cats, all of whose glands he regularly expresses. He also has a lot of life experience, and discovered the existence of Hairy Itch one day when he was scratching his head for seemingly no reason. He lives in Upper New Appaloosa with his twelve cats.

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