Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Bunch Of Holier-Than-Thou Jerks Want You To Vote

There is a new video just out featured Leornardo Di Caprio and bunch of other jerks trying to ironically shame people into voting. It is so pompous and stupid and wrong-headed that it boggles the mind.

(Seriously- which candidate offers a contrary view of the war on drugs? Does that candidate have a chance of actually winning anything? How about the candidate who wants to go into Darfur? Do we really want another war?)

Supposedly by the end of this nonsense, the viewer is supposed to be sufficiently moved to actually register to vote. Di Caprio wearily shakes his head and says something like "if you still don't want to vote after this, I don't know what to say to you anymore." (You know, because their arguments are so compelling.)

I know what to say to you: Good for you! If you don't want to vote then don't.

The system of elections is totally illegitimate. Democrats and Republicans, the two major political parties, nominate people who are hypocritical sleazebags who will say and do anything to get votes, making promises they not only have no intention of keeping, but aren't even expected to. Then, members of these two clubs get elected to public office, and create election rules that make it onerous for anyone from any of the other clubs to get on the ballot to even to challenge them. They gerrymander congressional districts to ensure reelection for incumbents. They pass laws making it illegal to campaign for certain candidates.

And as the 2000 presidential election clearly demonstrated, with its legal challenges and recounts, the myth of one vote making the difference is- well, it's a myth, as I just stated.

Participating in such an enterprise only legitimizes it. There is never any change. In fact, very often if you vote for real, actual, legitimate change, you're told you're "throwing your vote away." By that logic, the only votes that actually count are the votes that are cast for the winners of the elections. So how do all of you Hillary voters out there feel about your wasted votes?

And I really hate it when some jackass says, "Well if you don't vote, you've got no right to complain." Actually, you have more right than the people who actually did vote. Those people went into their booths and exercised their right to maintain the status quo. Congratulations.

So if you want to vote, then great, go out and vote. Or you could actually do something proactive and positive, like help a little old granny lady cross the street. Something that's not just helping the members of two private clubs gather more power for themselves.

(In the interests of full disclosure, I'd like to point out that I have disliked Leonardo Di Caprio since the year 2000, when an ex-girlfriend told me that she would gladly give up our relationship just for the chance to have him put his tongue into her hairpie. We broke up not long thereafter.)

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