Monday, October 13, 2008

Insights into the Worldwide Financial Crisis

I have finally decided to bring my considerable intellect to the problem of the worldwide financial crisis/market meltdown that is currently gripping the world within its might vise-like grip.

To that end, I decided to read this article about what's going on, when lo and behold, right there in the first paragraph I see they're talking about Bukakke. So now I'm distracted, thinking about Bukakke, and I think, As long as this crisis is about Bukakke anyway, why read the article when you can watch the movie? So I head over to pornhub and do a search for keyword: Bukakke, and do my research.

After a few minutes I'm thinking economics is fun.

Well a little later I'm feeling kind of tired but a little more clear-headed, so I decide I'll try to finish reading the article, especially now that I've done all that background research. Then I see that the word isn't "Bukakke" at all. It's "Bernanke," which I guess is the name of some guy who runs some kind of financial institution or something. So I guess I was wrong, economics isn't as much fun as I thought.

And that's what I have to say about the current financial crisis.

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