Wednesday, October 1, 2008

McRib Is Back!

Those are not the three greatest words in the English language, but they're pretty damned close.

The McRib is McDonald's answer to barbecued ribs- a delicious processed meat patty (pork?), pressed into the shape of something resembling a piece of meat with meaty ribs sticking out of it. The sandwich is messy, like good food often is, and it is delicious, like good food always is.

Why do I love the McRib so much? Why not ask me why I love oxygen? Or why I love to take long walks on sandy beaches, or why I love to look at pretty girls? I love the McRib because it is the McRib, and to say anything more would be gilding the lily.

But some gilding is irresistible: The sauce is spicy sweet. The meat is just the right density and texture. The buns are sufficiently absorbent. Each bite is a gentle reminder of just how great it is to live in a world in which McDonald's exists- delicious food at low prices.

Just look at the bounty depictured in the photograph below! One McRib Value Meal, with a large order of french fries and a large order of McDonald's new and delicious sweet tea. And an extra McRib for only one dollar more! It's like they read my mind; one McRib is never enough! And all that for only about $6.75. I got at least nine dollars of joy and flavor out of this amazing meal.

The saddest thing about the McRib? It's only available in certain parts of the country, and at certain times of year. I hope for your sake that you live in just such an area, so you can run out and get your own little bite of heaven.

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