Sunday, October 5, 2008

Some Observations on the Vice Presidential Debate Between Joe Biden and Sarah Palin

I realize I'm a little late in offering my observations on the all-important vice presidential debate, but the reason I am late will become apparent to the reader of these observations. It is because they are so thoughtful, penetrating, and reasoned, that they required a great deal of time and effort to properly formulate. So, here they are:

Sarah Palin’s charm is small town and folksy, and the Democrats had better watch out for that come November, because as much as the big city “people” in the beltway think otherwise, most “folks” in the US are small town and folksy.

Joe Biden is a skilled debater, with the power to be at once wonky and accessible. Most citizens really like this, meaning the Republicans have definitely got their work cut out for them come November.

Thought: It takes 270 electoral votes to win the presidency of the United States.
Contention: Each of these “running mates” will do everything in their power to help his or her presidential candidate reach that magic number- and they’re pulling out all the stops!

“Gwen Ifill”? More like, “Gwen I fill the room with important questions for these two unlikely candidates”!

Is it just me, or does Joe Biden really like to talk about things? Nothing in particular; just things. Take that, Republicans!

There were times when it was like Governor Palin was winking only at me. Watch out, Democrats!

Excuse me, but where was Libertarian vice presidential candidate Wayne Allen Root? His invitation must have been lost in the mail- but even so, couldn’t he have found out about it from all the news coverage, and showed up anyway?

These two verbal jousters were chosen to offset the perceived weaknesses of their respective running mates. Obama is seen as too thoughtful, and McCain is seen as too mean. Well, I say, just keep talking, Joe, and keep winking, Sarah!

First impressions: Of these two candidates, the one I would most like to have dinner with is probably the one who would be willing to sleep with me after the dinner. Since Joe Biden has trouble knowing when to shut up, I guess that means Sarah Palin is elected.

Freudian slip: In the previous paragraph I wrote “I guess that means Sarah Palin is elected.” I need to get my mind out of the gutter!

Fun drinking game for the vice presidential debate: Each time a candidate answers a question, I will take a drink. By the end of the debate, I expect to be very intoxicated- there are a lot of questions!

They say that people vote for the president, not the vice president. They say this because it is literally true.

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