Friday, October 24, 2008

What My Vonage Visual Voicemail Thinks of the Republican Robocalls

I have Vonage, which is a pretty decent phone service. I'd be more enthusiastic if I actually used my landline on a regular basis, which I don't, because this is the 21st century and I have a cell phone. Vonage has been trying to get me to upgrade to their Visual Voicemail feature, and to that end they've given me ten free visual voicemails to see if I like the feature. Somehow, someone or something transcribes the message I receive on voicemail, and sends it to me as an email. But the whatever that transcribes the voicemails is imperfect. Case in point, the voicemail I just received today:

"Hello, I'm calling for the (??) because this is election is to important for you not to vote absentee. Democrats of black attempt to out (??) stream procedure such as partial birth abortion. And will appoint extreme activate judges who don't support our values. You should have receive that absentee balloting your male box. Please spill it out send in and use the power of your vote to protect a traditional I win values. This call was paid by the republic in party of (??) 515-282-8105 and no authorize by any candidate or candidate committee. "

I think this is one of those Republican robocalls that everyone's complaining about. The thing is, the message would be garbled anyway, even if the voicemail had been transcribed perfectly.* It's kind of charming that they called me with this, I guess. But irritating, because now I only have four free visual voicemails left in my trial period.

(By the way, I am aware the term "male box" is an oxymoron.)

*That is what is known as "political commentary."

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