Saturday, December 13, 2008

Why is there original Steve Ditko Artwork Listed on eBay?

It seems suspicious that original artwork by Steve Ditko, the genius co-creator of Spider-Man and Dr Strange, and creator of dozens of other characters including The Question, Mr. A, and Static, has recently appeared for sale on eBay. It's difficult for me to believe that Mr. Ditko would sanction this, given his opinion about original artwork. It's probably not much of a stretch to assume that the artwork was stolen, especially given the shady nature of the original comic art market.

Links to the listings are here, here, and here. I took pictures of them and put them at the top of this blog entry as well. The dealer's eBay store is here. Here is the store's website.

I guess it's possible that the dealer's legitimate (the website seems so, but there's not much information about who runs it), and the artwork was obtained legally and with Ditko's consent, but that seems an unlikely reversal from the author of Avenging World.

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