Thursday, January 1, 2009

Pain Brothel by Jack Williams, Paramount Publishers, 1971, 192 pages, $1.95

I did exactly as told, then gasped as a foul-smelling liquid splashed against my face.

Blinking my eyes open, I looked up at a grinning Tina, who was unloading urine in my face.

“Hey, what’s the big idea?" I hollered startledly.

“I felt like pissing on you."

“Well cut it out you bitch whore. I don’t dig that action."

“You think you’re too good for my beautiful piss?" she frowned.

Pain Brothel is an exciting, sensuous expose of the fast-paced world of high priced sadomasochistic male prostitution. It tells the story of Charlie Davis, a man whose circumstances lead him away from his steady but boring career as an accountant, and into the much more titillating world of bondage and golden showers. Lots and lots of golden showers. It's an inspirational and aspirational novel that made me want to hop on the next airplane for beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada and start whipping bored housewives. Three stars.

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