Tuesday, January 6, 2009

"Paranormal Cops"- Will Being In "Law Enforcement" Give These "Ghost Chasers" "Credibility"?

According to this article at The Live Feed, A&E is debasing itself with another "paranormal investigation" show, "Paranormal Cops":

"Paranormal Cops" will feature a group of Chicago police officers who moonlight as ghost chasers at night. Given the team's law enforcement credentials, the concept seeks to add a new layer of credibility to a genre which has featured ghost hunting teams founded by professional plumbers, college students and academics.

Yeah, the problem with those other ghost hunting shows is that they featured teams of plumbers, college students, and "academics". What they really need for credibility is to have the team consist of members of one of the most corrupt police forces in America.

Looking for more information, I got this, the actual A&E press release, from The Futon Critic.

"Paranormal Cops" follows a group of larger-than-life cops who walk one beat during the day as real-life Chicago-area police officers and another at night when they apply their forensic and investigative expertise to paranormal casework. Responding to the pleas of ordinary people who are victimized by distressing and inexplicable activities in their homes and workplaces, as well as taking cases from their day jobs when called upon, these cops bring their no-nonsense approach to hunting ghosts and real-life police skills to separate the fact from fiction and often happen upon results much scarier than the paranormal.

Which says "Chicago area," so maybe the cops aren't from Chicago? One would think that actual Chicago cops would be too busy investigating real crimes, and committing them (see links above) (allegedly) to spend it "investigating" "inexplicable activities in their homes and workplaces."

How are these guys going to "apply their forensic and investigative expertise to paranormal casework"? Are they going to bring their EMF Detectors, or will they be dusting for fingerprints? Why didn't the other ghost hunters, who have been hunting ghosts for decades, think of dusting for mothereffing fingerprints? Maybe they can use a mass spectrometer to measure the temperature drops in haunted houses.

Yeah, finally, these "larger-than-life" "Chicago area" cops are going to get to the bottom of all this paranormal stuff.


imperiowoman said...

You sure is smart!

Anonymous said...

The initial poster is full of crap. The cops are suburban Chicago police officers and have no connection with the CPD. Also, what is so wrong with a handfull of cops having a creative idea for a show??