Thursday, January 29, 2009

Why Doesn't the Federal Government Want Me to Drink Milk?

According to this story,

The magnitude of the spending bill, and its urgency, drew a swarm of lobbyists seeking money and tax breaks. The concrete and asphalt industries battled over how the government should spend billions proposed for road and bridge repairs, while dairy and beef cattle producers butted heads over talk that the government might buy up dairy cattle for slaughter to drive up depressed milk prices. Unions backed infrastructure spending. States sought budget bailouts.

With unemployment rising and people at risk for losing their homes and all the other "crisis" or "crises" going on, the government wants to make milk more expensive? Milk, which supposedly does a body good? That milk?

Geezus, how can anyone be in favor of this "stimulus" nonsense? It's enough to make me want to watch a not safe for work film clip.

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