Monday, February 9, 2009

Do You Suppose Barbara Walters is Actually 150 Years Old?

Or is it all just some kind of marketing ploy?

Not to brag, but I am on some very exclusive e-mailing lists, with offers including opportunities to help people fight bureaucracy in Nigeria, use witchcraft to my advantage, and meet lonely housewives who are willing to cheat on their husbands with me. But I have to say that the most recent email opportunity I've received might be the most exciting of all- the chance to make it to 150 years old-- just like, apparently, if this email is to be believed (screenshot above) the very famous co-host of "The View," Barbara Walters.

(By the way: The phrase "All the benefits of red wine with out the alcohol" is not only grammatically questionable, it's also not a selling point. Alcohol is one of the benefits of red wine.)

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