Saturday, February 21, 2009

I Guess Stephen Fowler Really Is Just A Jerk

Earlier, I suggested that widely-reviled "Wife Swap" participant Stephen Fowler was putting on an Andy Kaufman-style goof, a sort of exaggerated parody of the cliched San Francisco elitist liberal who thinks he knows the best way to live and anyone who disagrees with him- particularly anyone living in "middle America"- is a worthless doofus.

Well, it appears I was wrong, and Mr Fowler really is a cliched San Francisco elitist liberal who thinks he knows the best way to live and anyone who disagrees with him- particularly anyone living in "middle America"- is a worthless doofus. The jerk wrote an "apology" for his actions on "Wife Swap" on his wife's blog, which can be found here.

I hope you will take this as a sincere and unequivocal apology. I have been completely taken aback by the response my behavior generated and it has taken a while for me to figure out what to say. I’m not doing this to try and redeem myself. Rather I’m trying to try and undo some of the hurt that people have obviously felt as a result of my comments.

Catch that? He's been completely taken aback by the response his behavior has generated. Translated into Mr Fowler's native tongue, that means he didn't realize that rednecks knew what the internet was.

First off, let me say I am deeply sorry for the terribly insulting way I treated Gayla during the show. She is a very pleasant person and clearly did not deserve to be treated that way. In fact, no one deserves to be treated that way. I was a bully, and it was just plain unacceptable. Once again, I offer my sincere apologies to Gayla, Alan, and their boys.

"She is a very pleasant person?" Why are you saying that now? On the show, when you were actually in her presence you said she was a "dumb redneck" and "lower class". Is that what you call "very pleasant" people? No, you call people dumb rednecks if you believe they are dumb rednecks. You were brave enough to call her that to her face, but now that you know rednecks have internet access you're a quivering mass of- well, something really, really weak and wimpy.

I used gross generalizations about Midwesterners and I am deeply sorry for any hurt I caused with these statements. My comments were just stupid and made me look like the one who is undereducated. Some of my best friends are Midwesterners, which shows how truly dumb my comments were.

Yes, but those "best friends" who are Midwesterners are the good ones, right? The ones who've been transplanted from one of the coasts, probably. The ones who eat arugula. (By the way- it's so tiresome when someone is accused of insulting a group of people and responds by saying, "Some of my best friends are black/gay/rednecks/Asian/Hispanic/latte-drinking San Francisco snobs". Can we please retire that?)

Further, I regret that my remarks made me come across as a person who disrespects overweight people. I do not disrespect anyone for being overweight and I deeply regret that my remarks suggested I do. My wife has devoted her career to helping people and my comments reflect poorly on her and her heart-felt work. I apologize for my extreme insensitivity to her clients and her mission. Please don’t judge Renee by my actions.

His wife was losing money, because these dumb hillbilly rednecks got offended.

I also want to apologize to my family and friends and thank them for their support, which I scarcely deserve. I believe we can all grow from experiences and I will work to ensure this experience teaches me to become a better, more compassionate person.

I'm sure the wife from Missouri who swapped with you has "grown" from her experience, eh, Stephen Fowler? You just couldn't resist putting in another jab at her weight, in the very next paragraph after saying you regret making fun of overweight people. You are some piece of work. Anyway, you made a point of telling this poor woman how much better, and more enlightened you were than her- how could you become any better, and more compassionate?

Frankly, Mr Fowler, I liked you a lot more when I thought you were channeling Andy Kaufman. Now I just think you're a big jerk.

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