Saturday, February 28, 2009

My Internet Movie Database page for "Zany Dick!"

I have an imdb page for my classic movie "Zany Dick!". Congratulations to me, I know. The page is here. The Ricky Sprague imdb page is here. Director, writer, actor, producer. I do it all.

Astute fans will note the absence of a credit for Mr Jeff Porterfield, who composed the music. I've sent them a complaining note about it (actually I just went through their automated correction system), so hopefully that error will be corrected shortly.

I was quite excited by the prospect of adding in the "lobby card" that I made, but uploading that item costs $35, and they certainly aren't getting any money from me unless and until Jeff gets his proper credit.

Movie can be viewed here. It is not safe for work- it is not safe for anything.

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