Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Psychics are Pscumbags

At something called "Good Morning Yahoo!" they have a video story up about how psychic businesses are booming in these tough economic times. It's good for some serious irritation as you watch the sleazy "psychic" Valerie Morrison discuss her service ("It may take a month or two for what I say to happen, or it may happen a little bit earlier."), and then some real heartbreak as you watch the man who was "faced with financial problems and the sudden death of his wife of thirty-seven years over the holidays" proclaiming he "used to be a skeptic," but the psychic "saved his life" (by which he of course means took advantage of him when he was at his lowest and most vulnerable). There's a woman who provides a half-hearted skeptical response before the idiot newscaster, Lesley Van Arsdall ("Arsedall?") lets us all know that the psychic pscumbag thinks everything will be peachy again come the summer.

Let's hope not- for the psychic's sakes.

Psychic Pscumbag Valerie Morrison. "Business is so good, she can't even take a day off." Ugh.

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