Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Reassuring You About Airport Body Scanners, And Pictures of Your Naughties

In airports, metal detectors are being replaced by body scanners that take photos of your naughty bits.

The scanners aim to close a loophole by finding non-metallic weapons such as plastic and liquid explosives, which the TSA considers a major threat. The machines raise privacy concerns because their images reveal outlines of private body parts.

If I were to remove my pants at an airport, I'd be arrested for indecent exposure. This would be unfair, because in my case exposure can never be indecent, but you get my point.

Anyway, supposing I don't want to be exposed in this way?

Passengers at the test airports will be instructed to go through the new scanners. Anyone who doesn't want to go through will be allowed to refuse and instead go through a metal detector and receive a pat-down, [TSA spokesman Christopher] White said.

So my choices are to either have photos taken of my naughties, or to have my naughties touched by someone from the TSA? Maybe I just won't ride in an airplane anymore. Or maybe I'll just go to an airport that doesn't use such intrusive measures in the name of "safety."

If someone could just point me in the direction of those alternative airports, I'd appreciate it.

Okay, I guess you've got me. Still, I'm concerned about my privacy. What does the TSA think about that?

People in the scanner will stand with their arms raised and their face will be blurred out in the metallic-looking image on a nearby screen. TSA screeners view the images from inside a closed room near a checkpoint and immediately delete them.

"We've struck a very good balance between security and privacy," White said.

The representative of the TSA says not to worry, they've struck a good balance between security and privacy. Somehow I do not find that particularly reassuring.

Just a thought: Suppose a small child is going on a flight. Does he have to go through one of these body scanners? And if he does, and the scanner takes pictures of his naughties, would that be considered child pornography?

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