Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Teen Whose Parents Made Him Wear His Bad Grades Doesn't Know How Good He's Got it.

Via this blog I found this story about a fifteen year old kid whose parents made him wear a sign displaying his bad grades.

His parents, fed up by their son's lack of effort, conjured up the idea as a way to get through to the 15-year-old Western Branch High School freshman.

"He hadn't been trying at all," said the Rev. Donald General Jr., pastor of Perfecting Saints Church of God in Christ in Virginia Beach. "He's not even handing in work he does when we supervise him. My wife and I are not going to give up on Tre."

General and his wife, Tanyeil, say there is no excuse for lousy grades, especially since they said they both have several academic degrees.

The lesson is that it sucks to have parents who spent years of their lives getting "several academic degrees." Learn to be more like your parents, kid. One of whom is a pastor at "Perfecting Saints Church." I guess they're trying to perfect their son.

But it could be worse: I wet the bed until I was fifteen, and my parents forced me to stand on the street corner draped in my urine-soaked sheets. To dry them out, and teach me a valuable lesson. Winter was the hardest- it would get down below freezing, ice and snow on the ground, and there I was covered in icy sheets. That really sucked.

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