Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Was A Man Really Killed By An Exploding Cell Phone in China?

It sounds both tragic and a little fishy.

A man has died after his mobile phone exploded, severing a major artery in his neck, according to reports.

The man, thought to be a shop assistant in his twenties at a computer shop in Guangzhou, China, died after he put a new battery in his phone. It was believed that he may have just finished charging the battery and had put the phone in his breast pocket when it exploded.

According to the local Chinese daily Shin Min Daily News, the accident happened on January 30 at 7.30pm. An employee at the shop told Chinese media that she heard a loud bang and saw her colleague lying on the floor of the shop in a pool of blood. The employee said the victim had recently changed the battery in his mobile phone.

Chinese authorities have yet to determine the make and model of the phone and its battery. Some reports indicated the store was a Lenovo shop, but it was thought that this might be because the shop advertised Lenovo computer products. Police were investigating whether the phone and battery were counterfeit.

Sketchy details, no names, alarming warnings. This sounds like "internet addiction" or "kissing deafness" all over again.

Should we take this seriously? Well, the yahoo! tech "Working Guy" makes a bold statement on the matter:

One can never be too sure about the veracity of reports that come from the Chinese press, but I can't seen any reason to specifically doubt this one, which says that an exploding mobile phone has killed a man in Guangzhou, China, after a fragment severed an artery in the man's neck.

Way to take a stand, Working Guy!

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