Monday, March 30, 2009

I'm Up An Astonishing 135% on imdb This Week- Also a Photo of Me Standing in the Hollywood Sign

On my imdb page, I am way up in popularity this week:

I probably shot to such heights of popularity by checking on my own page, just now.

Zany Dick!'s up 20%:

If only I would spring for "imdb pro," I might be able to find out why my popularity is increasing more than 100%.

Speaking of HOLLYWOOD, here's a picture of me standing in one of the Os (I think it was the first O) on the world-famous HOLLYWOOD sign:

My friend Kimiko, who took the photo, just posted it to her facebook page. It was taken back in mid 2001, when all you had to do to get to the sign was climb under a bit of fencing, and climb about 20 feet or so down the side of the hill on which the sign is located. I've heard that ever since "9/11" it's almost impossible to get in there now. It's just one more thing we've given up in the name of "safety."

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