Sunday, March 8, 2009

It Could Have Been Worse

There is a baseball player called Alex Rodriguez who has been much in the news lately, for admitting to taking steroids during the 2001-2003 baseball seasons.

Now there's a story that he will miss six to nine weeks after having surgery on his hip.

[Dr. Marc] Philippon is confident in the “85-90 pecent range” that Rodriguez will be able to play through the entire regular season.

“I firmly believe this approach will be successful and allow Alex to return,” Philippon said. “We’ve had very good success with this approach. Short term, we feel the risk is very limited that he will re-tear his labrum during that six-, seven-month period.”

The decision eliminates the option of Rodriguez treating the injury with rest and rehab and playing through the season without surgery. This operation will not completely correct the hip. More aggressive surgery would have sidelined Rodriguez three to four months.

We already know that Rodriguez has used steroids in the past. And we know that steroids help speed up recovery time. So would his hip injury have been worse if Rodriguez hadn't used steroids? Wasn't his use just a way of helping the owners of baseball teams protect their massive investment in him? The way it is now, because of his physical condition, he's not going to miss any of the "regular season", or miss very little of it. The Yankees will not be without his services for too long, and will probably go on to win all the big games.

Maybe that's why his teammates attended the press conference he held? They were thanking him.

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