Thursday, April 23, 2009


Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich apparently won't be allowed to travel to Costa Rica to appear on the American version of "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here." The judge, who has the improbable name "Zagel," says vaguely that he's worried things might go "astray."

You know what? Life's complicated. Things go "astray" sometimes. It can't be helped; part of the joy and unpredictability of things. I'm no "legal expert," but that is a poor excuse for not allowing this man to entertain us by living in the Costa Rican jungle and doing whatever it is that they do on this show, which I am now slightly less interested in watching, thanks to this ruling.

For their part, the network in question, NBC (which apparently could use all the help it can get), says they're "disappointed" by the judge's ruling.

It's a symbol of just how far NBC has fallen that they can't pull some strings on this. The best they can do is issue a simping statement about their "disappointment." Come on, NBC! Pay this "Zagel" off and let's get this show on the road!

The segment from the "Today Show" is here:

Around the 3:30 mark, clueless Meredith Vieira, the least offensive of the "Today Show" on-air talent, asks a question that should get her disbarred, or whatever it is they do to on-air talent when they're removed from morning news/entertainment programs for asking dumb questions. She asks him why a former governor would want to be on a show like this. "Why would you want to be running around in the jungles of Costa Rica?" She seems genuinely confused.

Blagojevich gives the "I've got a family to support and a mortgage to pay and trying to create a little society and govern that little society sort of like I did when I was governor of Illinois sounded like an interesting challenge to me" answer that we've all heard before from reality show contestants, but we know the real answer.

Meredith, I have a question for you: Why would you want to host a morning news/entertainment program? The answer: Because it is on tv.

That's his answer. Because he wants to be on tv, Meredith.

And if he's on tv, what is he doing? He is entertaining us, Meredith. The viewing public. There is no nobler goal than that. This isn't just a ruling against the former governor- it's a slap in the face to all US television consumers.


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