Wednesday, April 29, 2009

How Much Does Obama Care About the Environment?

President Obama is ordering an investigation into

the decision giving the go-ahead to a $329,000 publicity-photo shoot over New York City with one of the planes that serves as Air Force One.

Obama “was furious” when he learned about the April 27 flight and the tumult it caused when the VC-25, a military version of Boeing Co.’s 747, and two F-16 fighter jets flew low over New York Harbor, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said.

Apparently, New Yorkers were afraid it was September 11, 2001 all over again. And that is pretty scary. But leave aside the all-important photo-op flight's psychological impact for a moment. What about the effect on the environment?


Beyond their emissions of carbon dioxide, aircraft release other gases that have disproportionate but short-term effects on our planet's climate.
Military aircraft use more fuel apiece than civilian aircraft. A decade ago, military aircraft were one fourth as numerous as civilian aircraft worldwide, yet they consumed roughly one third as much fuel. Furthermore, military jets, with their high performance requirements, produce more climate-changing pollutants, especially nitrogen oxides.

Barack Obama has stated that he is in favor of the environment. Yet his plane is damaging it, and all so that he could get a nice picture of Air Force One.

To give you a sense of just how badly this Air Force One New York City photo op has damaged the environment, I offer the following very alarming chart:

Very alarming.

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Miss Malevolent said...

That's because Obama is a grossly incompetent ass, who doesn't care about anything but his fraudulent image.