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I Love Money 2: A Man Is Only as Good as His Word

I was told by both my parents that if you give your word or make a promise to do something you should not let anything interfere with that promise.
-"A Man's Word Is His Honor"
Sandra Hartle

Last week we lost Becky Buckwild, and as today's episode begins we're still dealing with the ramifications. Namely, 20 Pack is explaining himself to Angelique and Saaphyri. He says he had no choice. He tells us that is playing like he's already won, which makes no sense at all, but then again, this is 20 Pack we're talking about. Very little he says makes sense.

For her part, Saaphyri says she will smile in 20 Pack's face, but she is livid with him, and will devote herself wholeheartedly to the cause of his elimination.

An unnecessarily disturbing image of Saaphyri with a gun. I had hoped she would only STAB people in the back, not SHOOT them.

Tailor Made is celebrating his victory. Becky Buckwild had been a thorn in his side from the beginning, and he's happy to see her go. The deal isn't that advantageous to 20 Pack, he concedes, because it only buys him one extra elimination. But he's happy that 20 Pack lived up to his side of the deal.

When Myammee speaks, however, the dark storm clouds begin to swirl. She feels like she's out of the loop. That Tailor Made is making deals to which she does not agree. She is looking to exercise her power.

Hopefully, she will do it while wearing lingerie.

Saaphyri, who has finally acknowledged that she is a member of- no, scratch that, the leader of- the "dumb" alliance, goes to Myammee and tells her, woman-to-woman, that the ladies of the house need to band together and show the men that they won't let them control things. There are three men to five women- no way the men should be controlling them.

But the conversation soon degenerates. They're both strong-willed, with uncompromising opinions on hygiene, beauty, and weaves. It's not long before the strategy session becomes a shouting match. Perhaps, Myammee reasons, Saaphyri is jealous of the fact that she, Maymmee, can wear lingerie, while Saaphyri must be content with "sleepwear."

Saaphyri shouldn't blame Myammee for being able to wear lingerie and bikinis. It's really not her fault.

Clearly, the two women do not like each other. Which brings us to the Loudmouth challenge. If Saaphyri were to have a chance at winning any individual challenges, this is the one. She is, after all, loud. Each contestant must keep their scream to at least 100 Db for as long as they can. If it drops below 100 Db, the floor will drop out of the platform on which they're standing, and they will fall into the ocean below. They'll pair off, with the winner of each head-to-head pairing moving on to the next round.

20 Pack, who threw the challenge, is the Dead-Last Loser and his check is automatically put into the box. Even more surprisingly, Saaphyri loses to a seemingly over-matched Prancer. No Bullies make it out of the first round. One of the Underdogs will definitely be Paymaster.

But who wants it more? Well, there's at least one character who couldn't care less about being Paymaster. Myammee is more concerned with making sure her hair remains dry, and will scream as long and loud as necessary to ensure she isn't dropped into the ocean. You will remember last week, during the infamous and wonderfully surreal Vault scene, Becky Buckwild poured a bottle of water on her weave. As Becky herself explained in her Interview after being eliminated:

What about the Myammee incident? What prompted you to pour a bottle of water on her specifically?

I don’t know what overcame me, honestly. I was thirsty, so I brought a water bottle in. I was trying to take a drink and then when that bitch was like, “Becky in the box,” something just clicked in my head that was like, “Water…weave.” At the end of the day, how horrible is it to have bottled water thrown at you? The bitches on Rock of Love threw salsa in a bitch’s suitcase, OK? You crawl through mud, you jump off planes. You’re gonna get mad about a little bit of bottled water?

Regardless, the attack by Buckwild is enough to inspire her, and Myammee wins the challenge.

It's looking out for Saaphyri. He enjoys the warmth of her bed, and she's welcomed him back into it, despite his affection for Dutch Ovens. It explains how sweet it would be to send 20 Pack home, despite the deal. Myammee seems receptive to this. Tailor Made, a man of his word, is worried.

Saaphyri invited It back into her bed, despite the Dutch Oven.

Tailor Made wants to honor the deal. He understands that in this world of uncertainty and brutishness, a man's word is his bond. If you can't trust a man to honor his agreements, then chaos reigns. Tailor Made doesn't want chaos. Moreover, he is afraid of what the jury, which is to be composed of eliminated "I Love Money 2" contestants, will think of him.

Tailor Made, I hate to break this to you, but the eliminated "I Love Money 2" contestants are all petty, irrational, and jealous. They hate you because of your skill at playing the game. They hate you because you were smart enough to outsmart them (granted, it didn't take much). They hate you because they see in you what they only wish they could be.

Tailor Made, you have no chance at the money. Even if everyone else suddenly died of syphilis, they'd still find a way to give the money to Prancer. I am sorry, but that's the way it is. I've resigned myself to the fact that you won't win it all, I hope you can do the same.

Simpler times, when Tailor Made still had control, and wasn't so drunk that he could still hold this exotic fruit, whatever it is.

To continue: Feeling helpless and guilty, Tailor Made gets slightly intoxicated and spills everything to 20 Pack, or tries to. He doesn't want to give away too much, because he has his Underdog alliance to think of, but he does manage to tell 20 Pack that his standing in the house might not be as solid as he thinks. Just try really, really hard at the Power Outing to convince Myammee to keep you, and you should be okay.

"Dude, you're good," Tailor Made says, his word slurring slightly. As much to reassure himself as 20 Pack.

20 Pack says he's taking nothing for granted.

Saaphyri, passed out or sleeping nearby, has overheard the conversation between 20 Pack and Tailor Made. Her ire grows, until it bubbles over into a frenzied confrontation in which Saaphyri shows off the shouting skills that one would think she could have used to win the challenge. She tells 20 Pack that in fact he is the devil, not Tailor Made. He's the snake.

Myammee is now suspicious of Tailor Made. Why is he so concerned about the deal with 20 Pack? She has a conversation with Prancer and Ice, and the three of them create a new, double-secret alliance called the "Pretty Girl Alliance." They'll bide their time until it's down to the Underdogs, and then pick off It and Tailor Made. Their spots in the final three seem assured.

In the Vault, Saaphyri makes a "beautiful, eloquent" speech about women's solidarity. The women should vote the men into the box, and take power for themselves. The Underdogs are barely able to keep a straight face as vote for Saaphyri and Frenchy to join 20 Pack in the box.

Well, if that's the way it's going to be, Saaphyri will just quit. She has no chance anyway, and it's just so unfair because she has no control anymore.

The Underdogs are excited. If Saaphyri quits, then that means they can send 20 Pack home during the day's elimination. Two birds gone in one day.

Craig asks Saaphyri if she's sure she wants to quit. Saaphyri asks It if she should stay.

It makes an impassioned, if not entirely intelligible, plea for her to stay:

"Naw, you might not go home she might send Frenchy home. You got them little project girls looking up to you. They might wanna have some weaves...or maybe some...oh, it too hard...get pregnant by a drug dealer...know what I mean?"

Yes, Saaphyri knows exactly what It means. He stood up for her, in front of everyone in his alliance. That means the world to her, and she relents, agreeing to have her check placed in the box.

Myammee's face lights up when she sees who's in the box. She doesn't like any of them, especially Saaphyri.

Later, the Underdogs confront It about his irresistible arguments to Saaphyri. If only he'd used his considerable persuasive powers to convince her to leave, rather than stay, they could have eliminated two Bullies today, instead of just one. It, who truly doesn't realize his own power sometimes, cops to making a "minor" mistake.

Myammee is concerned about It because she doesn't want "penis and vagina" to come between the alliance. It's a good thought, especially coming from someone who looks so good in lingerie.

During the Power Outing, 20 Pack falls asleep while getting a massage. Myammee is offended, because she's the Pay Master, and the others need to show proper deference ("kiss my ass").

Frenchy only wins "sexy" challenges, so she's not much of a threat.

During the meal, Myammee tells Saaphyri of her concerns about the relationship she has with It. "We need It to be focused," she says, apparently never having met It before. If she had she would know that It is constitutionally incapable of focusing on anything. That is part of It's charm.

A focused It is required for the Underdogs to succeed. Amazingly, they're dominating.

Myammee has apparently made up her mind, and it looks like Saaphyri is going home. Although she does say that she'd like to send all three of them home tonight. Craig tells her she's cute, but not that cute, a statement with which I and a lot of others would probably disagree.

Frenchy gets the first check. 20 Pack's check is voided. Myammee explains that she needs to stay true to her alliance, and her alliance really wanted to send him home, despite the deal they'd made. 20 Pack blames Tailor Made, who did everything he could to try to save him. 20 Pack put himself in the box by throwing the challenge, so he did himself no favors.

Once again, storm clouds threaten. Tailor Made can see his hold over the game slipping away. Accept it. Go with it. There's only so much rationality that the show can take. After all, your alliance requires a focused It.

Your alliance is in trouble.

After all his hard work, the closest 20 Pack will come to the money is this photo of him holding cardboard gold bricks and a bag filled with shredded newspaper with a dollar sign on the outside of it.

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